The Secret Of Life

The secret of life is that

God is the spirit of love and he has no laws

And so there’s no such thing as sin

And so religion is a lie

Nobody can ever be perfect and so it’s okay to be imperfect

We’re all completely acceptable just the way we are

And good enough just the way we truly are

Who we are in truth is truth and always has been

Everything can be understood

And all wrongdoing




Tilt the scales

Someone na please

Till maybe we see

A glimpse of equality

Till everybody has enough food to eat

And no one goes hungry

No one goes hungry.



Lines people drew

Lines people can erase

We drew the borders

We can erase

The borders.

I believe

Our dream of world peace

The dream of equality

Will one day be


Believe forever

I believe

A love tornado

Will one day

Sweep through

The world

Believe forever

I believe

Understanding acceptance peace

Love forgiveness freedom trust

Will one day be

The new world order

Believe forever

I believe.


Chuck the pressure

And the control

And the thought that it’s impossible and cannot be done

Please give yourself

One more chance. 🙂

The nature

The nature of love

Any kind of love

Is that it is


It can get lost and buried my friend

It can never disappear.


The truth



Your soul

And mine

And ours

Blazing brightness.

The drugs

The truth sets me free

Love is the wind beneath

My feet

As I fly free

Freedom is my song

And love, truth and freedom

Are the drugs

I believe.  

I Believe in we

I believe in human beings

And plants and trees

Clouds and seas

The wind and the breeze

Rainbows and butterflies and

Possibility 🙂

I believe in animals

Dolphins and whales

Gazelles and monkeys

Hope and love

And the possibility of being free

I believe in the amazing power of faith to pull you through

And the titanium core of the human being

I believe in you and me

I believe in we.

The answers

All the answers are within our souls

Your inner voice knows it all.